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First Win of the season

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TV Steinheim - SV Lauchheim 1:0 (1:0)

Against the strong climbers from leek Home the Green-Whites in the fourth season game could finally enter the first three. The first had a chance leek home after five minutes, but S.Hanke screwed tight. Then the home side took the lead. Dandl had the first chance after a quarter of an hour, but his free kick went just over the housing. Two minutes later it was done. Dandl sat through on the right and his Maßflanke M.Schoger headed home from close range for a deserved lead. Shortly after, it was again Dandl, which failed twice Goalkeeper P.Muck. After half an hour the guests came into the game and had after a misunderstanding between Rieberger and Puschmann the chance to equalize, but Deininger screwed tight. Shortly before half-time had to save with a header from Deininger the post for the already beaten Puschmann.
After the restart put leek home again gained a lot and already in the 48th Minute had to save on the line H.Schoger. While the guests were come mainly through the strong S.Hanke repeatedly to opportunities that TV Eleven came only sporadically into the opposition. After an hour, the Green-Whites were lucky again, as Deininger hit the underside of the crossbar and the ball jumped back into the field. Only in the final stage could liberate something again. And yet had to be trembled as S.Hanke in injury time free before Puschmann showed up, but this could parry again again. So it remained ultimately in something flattering, but eminently important home victory.

Up: Puschmann; Metzler, Rieberger, Ritz, Emperor; M.Schoger, R.Behr (Schmid 72), Rimpf (17 H.Schoger), T.Baamann, Dandl (46 Imparato); D.Baamann

First point in the new season

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TV Steinheim TSG Nattheim 1:1 ( 1:0)

Long time it looked at Derby County after a home win from Steinheimer , but in the closing stages increasingly powerful guests would not even have gone even win the match in the end. The strong combative hosts were the favored Nattheimer long time did not come to fruition but it was far too little of what the guests were delivering for almost an hour. On deep soil to a game that was playing at a very manageable level goal scenes and had very little to offer, especially in the first half developed . It was already in the 14th Minute for the 1-0 lead Steinheim, as guest- keeper shoe slipped from the hands of a harmless ball and stone home Timo Baamann gratefully accepted and in the middle Tiefenbach served , which only had to push . While the guests arrived two minutes later by the head of the great chance to equalize short , but TV Puschmann goalkeeper parried brilliantly. That should also be Been for a long time at high points , as the ambitious guest did not flash at all class and the TV was on the defensive very safe and not at all was in danger. In the final phase of the first Häfte it missed the home side even in some counterattacks to increase , but only to shoe showed against Denis Baaman on the post and in a majority situation just before the break , the Steinheimer was too indecisive . Even after changing the guests still fell far too little to bring the running strong Steinheimer embarrassed. It took until the 58th Minute before the header fishermen Puschmann forced to parade and also in the 66th Minute showed stone home keeper against Fischer at his best when he could just disarm his dangerous free kick . Although the substitute Dandl had the TV in the 69th Minute with his kick - Lattenknaller bad luck , but the final phase should then clearly belong to the guests. This now increased the tempo and approaches were also playful elements to the fore. Already in the 74th Minute they were rewarded for it already , as Brümmer durchnarschierte the left, a perfect cross pass on Neubrand played , the consummate ease into the empty net for 1-1. Again Neubrand was then in the 78th Minute class right there when he profited from a defensive error Steinheimer , but Puschmann reagierete again . The guests made against now declining hosts continued pressure and stood after the header from Palinkas in the 87th Minute even before the victory , but the referee saw a foul in the penalty area in the turmoil and the goalkeeper failed to recognize the results . The last chance of the game was in stoppage time when substitute Behr for the TV Streinheim , whose shot stroked the crossbar and it remained overall performance- draw.

Up: Puschmann - Schoger , Kaiser ( 59 Dandl ) , Ritz, Rieberger - Tiefenbach , T. Baamann ( Schmid 80 ) , Rehorsch , Schoger - Pepper ( Behr 68 ) , D. Baamann

Wrote by Gentner, Wolfgang (Heidenheimer Zeitung)

Expected opening defeat

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SG Bettringen - TV Steinheim 4:1 (3:1)

In the first game of the season of TV Steinheim defeated, at last year's runner-up in bed rings. Steinheim came good in the game and had the first chance in the second minute. Imparato hesitated too long and his shot was blocked. The rebound Rehorsch twisted just barely. A quarter of an hour had Steinheim the events in the handle, but then inexplicably lost to the thread. In the 17.Minute Bretz rescued yet with a fine save from Seitz, but two minutes later he was on the spot and marked it 1-0. Not enough of a hit, Kugler increased a further minute later with a header to make it 2-0. After a good half hour Rothofer had a good shot opportunity but was blocked just like that. In the 34.Minute Rehorsch Bosch was brought down in the area and the due penalty case Rehorsch turned confidently to 2:1. No sooner had the Torschrei died away, the old spacing was restored. After you do not put the ball out of the danger zone was again Seitz on the spot. Just before the half time whistle sat Markus Schoger the ball 30 yards from the post. Four minutes after the restart the home side managed to do the fourth goal. After re-position errors in the Steinheimer defense Bonnet was on the spot. Following the hosts pulled back slightly and let the grant Steinheimer. Thus ended a header Rothofer in 70.Minute on the bar and just before the end failed Metzler detached from Kapitke. In the end it was 4-1 success for Bettringen when earned. In the next game against Nattheim to Steinheim must definitely boost the points to keep in Steinheim.

Up: Bretz, Heiko Schoger, Ritz, Kopf, Tim Baamann (65.Metzler); Rieberger, Mark Schoger, Rothofer, Rehorsch, Behr (74.Dandl); Imparato (46.Schmid)