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Beaten in Value

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SGM Königsbronn / Oberkochen - TV Steinheim II 2:0 (0:0)

To be recorded on the hard court in Königsbronn there was the first away defeat of the season. From the start, the hosts left no doubt that they want to enter the first win of the season. After a few minutes the first dangerous cross sailed into the box. The newly formed Steinheimer defense had always problem with the raid-like attacks. The hosts failed to even start to their final weakness, it was in the aftermath of the always outstanding Bretz, who kept the team in the game. With several world-class saves, he brought the opposing strikers to despair.

2013-09-15 a district league

Own offensive actions on that day were in short supply because the host usually choked this in the bud by fouls. After T. Schmid interspersed with a beautiful body deception and ran alone on goal, he was stopped against the rules. The referee, however, left it with the yellow card. After halftime, the team showed a different face and took into the game. However, after a corner kick, the ball was not cleared far enough and hit the volley in an untenable goal. The team tried everything again, but it was on this day fall Goal. In injury time you ran into a counter-attack and suffered the 2-0. On the basis of the first half, the defeat is okay.
Up: C. Bretz, B. Adler (C. Banzhaf), P. Wiche, B. Wiest, M. Grupp, T. Schmid, C. Lux, S. dust, G. Ascione, C. Schrodi (S. Esposito ), T. Imparato (p. Bees)

Just power draw

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TV Steinheim II - SV Großkuchen 2:2 (0:1)

In the first home game trainer F. Kenntner was particularly motivated, especially since it went against his former club. Accordingly, the team was already hot before the game. With the tailwind of Derby victory from the previous week, we took the early initiative and let the ball run smoothly through the ranks. After a few minutes the first edge by M. Behr sailed into the penalty box, but could be clarified. In the following time you missed it more opportunities to earn and after half an hour to set inexplicably playing football one. Thus, the guests came into the game and after a free kick you own guests ran into a counterattack. This was used to guide cold. After Pausentee T. Schmid brought new momentum to the attacks. After a free kick foul he was stopped in six of ten. The spot-kick turned another substitute, K. Abele confidently to compensate. 5 minutes later, M. Behr, T. Schmid served with a wonderful edge and this nailed the ball with a full risk volley into the net. The game was filmed and guests now vehemently expressed an equalizer. First, the defense were able to B. Wiest and P. Wiche withstand the time pressure. When M. Behr jumped an edge on the upper arm, his manager again on penalty, which the guests used to compensate. In the end it was just the power draw.

Up: C. Bretz, C. Banzhaf, T. Rieberger (T. Schmid), B. Wiest, M. Grupp, G. Ascione (K. Abele), T. Mücksch, P. Wiche, M. Behr, S. dust, M. de Jesus (M. Studener)

Deserved defeat

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TV Steinheim II - SC Hermaringen 0:3 (0:1)

In the first home game of the new season had the team's loss point free from Hermaringen guest. Accordingly, aggressive, guests and the team showed was required from the start on the defensive. However, the tactical team was again excellent set of replacement coach M. Weiler. You could already stop most attacks, and after half an hour they freed themselves of the pressure of the guests. Just before the break, a guest striker won against 3 Steinheimer defender and his cross was used for guidance. After the break, we wanted to aggressively acted brave. However, fell after only a few minutes after a double pass loss, 0-2. When the guests then increased to 0:3 even after another 10 minutes, the will was broken that day. It still came to a few long-range shots by R. Behr, but missed the mark. Due to the more mature game system, the defeat was deserved in the end.

Up: C. Bretz, C. Banzhaf, T. Rieberger, B. Wiest, M. Grupp (M. Maier), p Moskofidis (M. Grupp), R. Behr, B. Adler (p. Esposito), M . de Jesus, T. Imparato, C. Schrodi


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SV Söhnstetten - TV Steinheim II 1:4 (0:2)

After the home defeat in the previous week, the team had the opportunity to rehabilitate himself in the Derby in Söhnstetten. This they did so in impressive fashion. First one was too far away from his man and had to survive two chances of the owners. In the 20th Minutes, was overwhelmed with the Steinheimer high-speed football Söhnstetter the back line. S. dust lusted after more Söhnstetter the box S. Esposito took the soulful edge of S. Bees in funding for leadership. Just four minutes later put veteran C. Schrodi with a shot to make it 2-0. The Söhnstettern the shock was clearly noted. Except for a few long balls they could think of nothing to bring a team back to the Steinheimer in distress. In the second half we went a little further back into their own half, but without ever running into serious danger. After a free kick from the center line by B. Wiest, T. Seidl once again ran under the ball and S. Kratschmar networked via a mind to 3:0. After a misunderstanding between C. Banzhaf and S. Esposito, the hosts were reduced to 1:3 from clear offside. M. de Jesus had the chance to 4:1 after coming off the bench, but was prevented at the last moment at the Pits. In the 85th Minute, the referee decided good 40 meters before the gate on Söhnstetter free kick Steinheimer. D. Reiser put the visitors the ball and drove him towards the gate. After a spectacular trajectory of a ball hit at an angle untenable. In the style of a top team was finally brought victory over time.

Up: C. Bretz, C. Banzhaf, T. Rieberger, B. Wiest, M. Grupp, S. Esposito (M. de Jesus), p dust, p Kratschmar, p Bees (p. Moskofidis), C Schrodi., T. Imparato (D. Reiser)

The train rolls on

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Spfr Fleinheim - TV Steinheim II 0:1 (0:0)

After 10 years of abstinence, the second team played a game again in the county league A3. At the beginning of the team was clearly noted the nervousness. The hosts dominated the action in the first half hour and had several opportunities to take the lead. With continuous play time you got the game but much better grip and erspielte yourself chances. R. Behr had the lead on the foot, but his shot parried by the keeper face. During the subsequent corner R. Behr headed to the bar and P. Tiefenbach could not carry the ball over the line. After a motivational half-time speech by M. Weiler replacement coach the team showed a strong second half. Hardly anything was left behind to front and one set always pinpricks. In the 77th Minutes, the team rewarded R. Behr. After a free kick wide of B. Wiest, R. Behr rose high to head the ball and nodded the ball into the net. The final offensive of the hosts was initiated by C. Banzhaf, by testing the own goal on a volley. With the luck of the abler you also survived a hit the bar just before the end. In the final minute of the game saved the dust p 3 points by spectacular scraped the ball off the line.

Up: Studener M., K. Abele, T. Rieberger, B. Wiest, B. Adler, C. Banzhaf, S. dust, R. Behr, S. Bees, P. Tiefenbach, M. de Jesus