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TV footballers are in the hot phase of preparation

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There are still two weeks until the start of the season in the District League and District League A. Since early July, the team of coach Harald Haslanger prepare intensively for the new round. In numerous training sessions and friendly matches you want to get the necessary fine tuning and integrate the new arrivals. The results were overwhelmingly positive from it. The first team started with a 2-4 defeat against the strong A-division side AC Milan Heidenheim, but left to follow sovereign victories against Heldenfingen, Söhnstetten and Königsbronn before it was again a weaker performance in the 1-1 draw against Heubach. The second team lost the first TKSV Giengen with 1:3, but II could celebrate each victory against league rivals scarce TSG Schnaitheim II and against Salach.
The highlight of the preparation formed a three-day training camp last weekend. On the sports field and in the woods Steinheim troops sweating in tropical temperatures, but the coaching team led by Harald "Hotsche" Haslanger and "Drill Sergeant" Mike Weiler knew no mercy. On Saturday, both teams completed another test matches against the FTSV cakes that could be obtained in spite of hard training. Not only because of the training camp was a very successful event. A special thanks to the Friends of the Bees by Ulli even more grandiose and entertainment to the organization team Stefan Bees, Mark Durner and helpers.

The first official games were already yesterday in the first Round of the District Cup. The first team had at B-division club SV Bolheim compete and the second team had a home game against SV Neresheim. The second Round is already taking place on Sunday.